Alamance Community College

Bond Project Phase 4

Main Campus And Library

Cost Estimate: $3,463,475

Main Campus and Library (26,000 SF):
15 renovated classrooms
10,000 SF renovated Library to Active Learning Center

Powell (Net 6,000 SF):
• 6 labs/classrooms with a minimum of 1 additional Biology lab
• 2 additional Chemistry labs
• Renovation of a current Biology lab and Anatomy and Physiology lab

Healthcare and Healthcare Support - Satellite West

Cost Estimate: $500,000

Academic Advising
• Five possible lease locations presented thus far range in size from 1,500 SF to 14,000 SF
• Renovation/Capital Up-Fit 3-15 Instructional Spaces per Location
• Starting goal is 5 classrooms per satellite location

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