Dental Clinic

1914 McKinney Street, Burlington

General Information


LOWEST QUALIFIED BID (9-15-2021): $413,200

Year Built: 1988
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 5,376
Rating: C
Departments: Dental Clinic
Construction Start Date: TBD
Estimated Completion Date: TBD

Additional Information: HVAC improvements, parking lot storm drain repair, and interior renovations at Dental Clinic.

Dental Clinic Pic

Capital Projects In Progress

  1. 2020-2021: Various & Dental Clinic ramp for ADA Accessibility $15,000

Future Capital Projects

  1. 2021-2022: Dental Clinic parking lot improvements, HVAC improvements, and interior renovations: $373,800.

Completed Capital Projects

Dental Clinic Renovation and Site Drainage - Maintenance and Health Department staff met on the 24th to discuss the project cost and time frame of the renovation. ACM testing is in progress to determine how much of the mastic underneath the VCT is hot. Several areas of the building have been tested, and only one test spot has tested hot. Another meeting with PEI is scheduled for Friday October 1st to see if we need to test anymore areas and to come up with a game plan of what needs to be abated. The Dental Clinic wanted an estimate of the abatement cost and additional cost of new VCT if we have to take up all of the flooring in the building and not just what was in the specs for the renovation. They wanted this cost so they would know how much contingency to budget for the change order for the abatement and extra VCT not included in the original bid. The Health Department needs to get the County Manager's approval to approve the contract for the renovation before they can do the PO for the contract with Lomax.