Dental Clinic

1914 McKinney Street, Burlington

General Information


Year Built: 1988
Last Renovation: NA
Gross Area (SF): 5,376
Rating: C
Departments: Dental Clinic
Construction Start Date: TBD
Estimated Completion Date: TBD

Additional Information: HVAC improvements, parking lot storm drain repair, and rnterior renovations at Dental Clinic. Cost of $140,000 for HVAC and parking lot projects. Interior renovation costs pending.

Dental Clinic Pic

Capital Projects In Progress

  1. 2020-2021: Various & Dental Clinic ramp for ADA Accessibility $15,000

Future Capital Projects

  1. 2021-2022: Dental Clinic parking lot storm drain $15,000
  2. 2022-2023: Dental Clinic HVAC System $33,734

Completed Capital Projects

Dental Clinic Renovation and Site Drainage - The pre-bid meeting for this project was held on September 3rd with 10 contractors showing up to bid on this project. The bid opening is scheduled for Wednesday September 15th at 2:00.