Parking Deck

Parking and Public Safety Substation

Proposed Bond Project Information

Cost Estimate: $8,460,000

Project Start Date: April 2019
Bond Issuance Date: May 2020
Completion Date: Tentative 2021
Operating Impact: $355,469 (May 2021)

Parking Deck (400 Spaces):
• Public Safety Substation
• Projected Enrollment Growth
• Offset Displaced Parking of New Construction

Center of Excellence

Phase 1B Capital Project Timeline

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Parking Deck
Bond Project Updates

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There is currently discussion about the optimal size for both the parking deck and the Center for Excellence. The College is considering options for a parking-driven design, program-driven design, or a blended approach to designing and constructing the parking structure/spaces and the Biotechnology Center of Excellence. The Building and Grounds Committee has requested that Clark Nexsen provide information on ACC's current parking capacity and how the spaces are being used.