New Construction Anticipated in 2021

General Information

Project Budget: $3,000,000

Year Built: New construction anticipated in 2021
Gross Area (SF): Approximately 12,000 square feet
Departments: Friendship Adult Day Care, Open Door Clinic, and Social Services
Construction Start Date: September 2020
Estimated Completion Date: October 2021
Operating Impact: $37,360

Additional Information: New construction of a building to be located on Rudd Street in Burlington, behind the Human Services Center. The parking area for this building will be included with the Human Services Center back parking lot. Three agencies will be located within one building with separate entrances.

This 12,844 square-foot facility will house Alamance County's elderly service operations and Friendship Adult Day Care, and various other human services functions.

Conceptual Drawing Examples

Architectural Drawings

Petree Building Project Timeline & Updates

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Petree Building - Exterior landscaping has been completed ( shrubbery, tress, mulch and sod) along with getting the water meter set for the building. Bar’s sub-contractor installed the covered walk way in front of the building. Duke Energy set the meters for all 3 suites so we now have temporary power on the building. Bar’s heating contractor has gotten a the HVAC units up and running on all 3 suites so that Bar will be able to condition the suites so they will be able to proceed with the interior finishes. The paving contractor is scheduled to pave the parking lot next Monday and Tuesday October 4th and 5th weather permitting. Bar met with the City of Burlington on 9-30-21 and now has the permission to go ahead with the installation of the sand filter pit and finishing the retention pond since the landscaping has been completed.