Satellite West Location

Healthcare and Healthcare Support

Proposed Bond Project Information

Cost Estimate: $500,000

Project Start Date: March 2021
Bond Issuance Date: September 2022
Completion Date: August 2023
Operating Impact: $48,554 (August 2023)

Healthcare and Healthcare
Support - Satellite West:

Academic Advising
• Five possible lease locations presented thus far range in size from 1,500 SF to 14,000 SF
• Renovation/Capital Up-Fit 3-15 Instructional Spaces per Location
• Starting goal is 5 classrooms per satellite location


Phase 4 Capital Project Timeline

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Satellite West Location: Healthcare & Healthcare Support Bond Project Updates

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Due to current growth of industry in places like Mebane, this is the opportune time for satellite campus construction. Therefore, this project may become a priority to begin sooner than originally thought. The satellite campuses will be placed on leased properties, but the lease terms have not yet been finalized. The State is likely to have no issues with a 20 year lease, although a longer one is preferred. The ACC Building & Grounds Committee will be updated on leasing information and opportunities.