Southern Alamance High School

631 Southern High School Rd, Graham, NC 27253

General Information

Year Built: 1959
Building Area: 164,528 SF
Acres: 89.5 (includes Southern Middle)
Classroom Capacity: 1,100
Number of Students: 1,407
Current Capacity: 127.91%
Project Start Date: March 2019
Bond Issuance Date: September 2020
Completion Date: December 2022


Draft Conceptual Drawing for Southern High School

Proposed Bond Project Information

Cost Estimate: $20,661,931

Add 27,525 SF building space to provide:
• Demolish 2 buildings and construct 2-story classroom building to replace 16 classrooms and restrooms plus
6 classrooms
5 science labs
3 resource rooms
• Cafeteria/Dining Expansion
• Renovations/upgrades to existing buildings

Renovate/Upgrade Existing Buildings to include:
• School safety improvements (cameras, blinds, carded entry locks)
• Replace damaged floor tiles; patch cracked terrazzo flooring
• Exterior window replacement & caulk where needed
• Renovate multi-restroom facilities with new plumbing fixtures, tile, partitions and paint
• Roof replacements or repairs where needed
• Remove lockers to widen hallways for improved traffic flow
• Replace non-ADA compliant cabinet, sinks, door hardware
• Replace aging mechanical systems
• Add humidity controls to HVAC
• Replace campus walkway canopy system

Southern High School Bond Project Updates

Click on the description to see information regarding bond project progress.

  • Project in final phase of Design Development (DD)
  • Input was received from students, staff, community, athletic directors, central office staff, Board of Education, Child Nutrition as well as designers and CMR
    • Focus points included classroom design, parking, student services areas, administration offices, Career and Technical Education Programs, athletic needs, data layout, security, kitchen design and kitchen equipment
  • Traffic Study
    • ABSS has received final traffic analysis and civil drawings showing required site and road improvements for this project
    • Due to the location of the middle school improvements will be required for improvements at both sites
    • ABSS staff is meeting with DOT officials to discuss funding options


Southern Alamance High School Capital Projects

Capital Projects in Progress

No projects identified at this time

Capital Projects Completed

  1. 2020: Installation of Front Office ADA Furniture
  2. 2020: Installation of ADA Home Economics Stations
  3. 2016: Tennis Courts $37,000.00
  4. 2016: Parking Lot Striping $650.00
  5. 2016: Door Replacement $5,200.00
  6. 2016: Bathroom Partition Replacement $8,400.00
  7. 2016: Roof Repairs-Band/Gym/Weight Room $60,000.00
  8. 2016: Track Repair $140,000.00