Southern Alamance High School

631 Southern High School Rd, Graham, NC 27253

General Information

Year Built: 1959
Building Area: 164,528 SF
Acres: 89.5 (includes Southern Middle)
Classroom Capacity: 1,100
Number of Students: 1,407
Current Capacity: 127.91%
Project Start Date: March 2019
Bond Issuance Date: April 2021
Construction Start Date: May 2021
Completion Date: November 2022


Draft Conceptual Drawing for Southern High School

Proposed Bond Project Information

Cost Estimate: $20,661,931

Add 27,525 SF building space to provide:
• Demolish 2 buildings and construct 2-story classroom building to replace 16 classrooms and restrooms plus
6 classrooms
5 science labs
3 resource rooms
• Cafeteria/Dining Expansion
• Renovations/upgrades to existing buildings

Renovate/Upgrade Existing Buildings to include:
• School safety improvements (cameras, blinds, carded entry locks)
• Replace damaged floor tiles; patch cracked terrazzo flooring
• Exterior window replacement & caulk where needed
• Renovate multi-restroom facilities with new plumbing fixtures, tile, partitions and paint
• Roof replacements or repairs where needed
• Remove lockers to widen hallways for improved traffic flow
• Replace non-ADA compliant cabinet, sinks, door hardware
• Replace aging mechanical systems
• Add humidity controls to HVAC
• Replace campus walkway canopy system

Southern High School Bond Project Updates

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  • Board of Education presentation 10-13-2020
  • Engineers and designers have met with stakeholders to prepare the attached final design for review
        Update 10-13-2020 Southern High School Bond Project Final Design Review


Southern Alamance High School Capital Projects

Capital Projects in Progress

No projects identified at this time

Capital Projects Completed

  1. 2020: Installation of Front Office ADA Furniture
  2. 2020: Installation of ADA Home Economics Stations
  3. 2016: Tennis Courts $37,000.00
  4. 2016: Parking Lot Striping $650.00
  5. 2016: Door Replacement $5,200.00
  6. 2016: Bathroom Partition Replacement $8,400.00
  7. 2016: Roof Repairs-Band/Gym/Weight Room $60,000.00
  8. 2016: Track Repair $140,000.00