Williams High School

1307 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215

General Information

Year Built: 1950
Building Area: 256,767 SF
Acres: 23.57
Classroom Capacity: 1,180
Number of Students: 1,170
Current Capacity: 99.15%
Project Start Date: January 2020
Bond Issuance Date: March 2021
Completion Date: December 2022


Proposed Bond Project Information

Cost Estimate: $4,646,400

Renovate/Upgrade Existing Buildings to
• School safety improvements (cameras,  blinds, carded entry locks)
• Exterior window replacement & caulk where needed
• Renovate multi-restroom facilities with new plumbing fixtures, tile, partitions and paint
• Remove media center carpet; replace with tile
• Replace non-ADA compliant cabinets, sinks, door hardware
• Replace auditorium seating and
carpet/remediate/remove remaining asbestos
• Add restrooms for auditorium area
• Repair structural issues at exterior auditorium stairs
• Re-key building
• Roof replacement/repairs where needed

Williams High School Bond Project Updates

Click on the description to see information regarding bond project progress.

An RFQ has been posted for geotechnical studies at seven campuses receiving renovations. These include: Western High School, Eastern High School, Graham High School, Cummings High School, Williams High School, Pleasant Grove Elementary, and South Mebane Elementary. RFQs are due by November 8.

Williams High School Capital Projects

Capital Projects in Progress

  1. 2019 - Williams High Transformer Relocation $200,000

Capital Projects Completed

  1. 2016Current: Door Replacement $23,767.44
  2. 2016Current: Parking Lot Striping $1,375.00
  3. 2016Current: Bathroom Partition Replacement $5,600.00